Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Origins of Girls Night

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Girls Night

Having attended an all girl catholic school for the majority of my high school career (sending love to Loretto)  I had always been raised with a strong sense of unity, independence and self expression. As women, it is important that we hold each other up -- there are plenty of people to put us down and we should encourage and support each other. Replace jealousy with admiration and rivalry with motivation. When I had first moved to Los Angeles, CA I did not have many local girlfriends. It was not until I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) until I really began to establish my core group of best friends.

Fast-forward 6 years: When I first met my dude it was agreed upon that every Monday night he had poker with his boys from 7:30pm until about midnight (depending on how good his hands ended up being.) It wasn't until about a year later that I realized that instead of curling up on those nights with a tub of rocky road ice cream on the couch watching abc's Once Upon a Time, that instead perhaps it would be better to maximize my social time. One of the most important lessons I have learned from dating is that having a guy in your life DOES NOT mean less time with your girlfriends.

You know that you have met a keeper when you've fulfilled the lyrics of Spice Girls "Wannabe"

It first started out with one friend. Than become two. Has now progressed to an average of 8 or more. The newest element has been enabling a weeknight playdate for our crazy monkeys who are typically occupied by Netflix, light sabers and bowls of spaghetti. I am anxious to see how their friendships grow, evolve and blossom from this quality bonding time.

Girls Night has now become a weekly/bi-weekly tradition in my home. My girlfriends will always have a safe and welcoming place to indulge in a wicked meal, stiff fruity drinks, sugar filled desserts and most importantly - great company to share it with every Monday night.

As girls night continues to grow larger each time around, my appreciation for my friends becomes deeper and stronger. (Costco has also surely appreciated my spike in business.)

I would like to encourage you to start a Girls Night in your home. It starts by just inviting one friend, more will follow.

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