Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Blue Box

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Wear it!

For my 18th birthday I received my first Tiffany's little blue box. It was a gift from my parents, a signature silver heart tag "Return to Tiffany & Co." bracelet to mark my official entry into adulthood.

I wore it all the time. I had loved and unfortunately lost this bracelet years ago and never really thought twice about every receiving such a gift ever again. Until earlier this year in the Florida Keys my brother surprised me with another little blue box! How could I not forgive him for having forgot my Birthday, Christmas and everything in between...

Just recently I had embarked on a new career endeavor and was experiencing all the normal jitterbugs. Anxiety, excitement...fear. I had tucked my brothers little box away for months treating it as though it was a fine bottle of wine, not to be used unless for special occasion. I was nervous I may lose it like I had my parents Tiffany's bracelet. I needed a boost of positive reinforcement and my brother lives across the country so grabbing a quick drink the night before to de-stress was out of the question. I could not sleep all night, woke up at 5am ready to doll up and make a fabulous first impression.

Standing in front of the mirror, I felt as though something was missing... My necklace!

It had stayed locked up in its box for months since I had been gifted it. Once the clasp closed behind my neck, my outfit was complete. I was now beaming with confidence and ready to tackle the world. It was amazing to me how just a tiny object could make all the difference in my day. I have yet to take it off since. Whether I manage to loss it or not, I recognize that the confidence I obtained that morning was not from the necklace, but from the love that was gifted behind it.

I would like to encourage you to wear your most favorite bracelet, dress, pair of shoes. They were not made to stay in their boxes, they are in your wardrobe to help you shine!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Caught the Chicken

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Revisit an old dream

As a little girl I had always fantasied about living the country life. Being the mother of 7 kids, a herd of cattle, horses, chickens, overalls the whole shebang. I am still that little cowgirl at heart however I am living out the revised version of this fantasy -- 1 son, a rabbit, parrot, high heels and in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy these simple pleasures when I travel back to my hometown up North and wanted to share a few moments with you.

4 words of success -- I CAUGHT THE CHICKEN
Being a parrot owner, I learned quickly that you don't grab the bird... he bites.
That being said it made me rather skeptical about little chickities.

Several of my friends have coops in their backyards so I figured they cant all be that bad. My chicken hutch presently houses my rabbit Baxter. I had purchased it in the hopes that one day I took would be brave enough to adopt my very own feathery friend and make sunny side up's with her eggs. I can honestly say from this experience that I am no longer afraid. There is a reason children say that annoying taunting statement "What are you chicken?!" Chickens are SO docile!! After I had this little white one cornered she was all mine for the taking! #1checkoffmylist -- I caught the chicken, and she did not bite -- she actually was quite a cuddler!

As I had stated previously, I had wanted 7 children... and although I am a great mother, I am elated that I did not choose this path! I enjoy Bar Method too much and worked hard for my hour glass figure! On my latest trip North I did very much enjoy being Aunty Liz for an afternoon. I had 3 little blondies to attend to at a friends BBQ on their land in the country and nothing could have warmed my soul more. A two year old boy tucked under my arm at the waist, a 5 year old begging for a push on the swing and an adventurous 8 year old wanting to feed the horses. I was in heaven. The best part was that by the time these little blondies were exhausted, grumpy and ready for bedtime, I was totally off the hook! It was so gratifying to actually experience first hand the life that I had always dreamed of... it was such great insight and I feel blessed that I can still have it, just with a smidge bit less of responsibility and stretch marks. Think back about something you wanted to achieve as a child... maybe the revised version is waiting for you just around the corner!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Classy Babes diy is on YouTube!

Well here it is friends! What do you think?! Classy Babes DIY is on YouTube!  The Classy Babes DIY Network first book of the series is officially available on Amazon.com : http://bit.ly/classybabesDIYbucketlist
This is YOUR Bucket List. In this guide you will find over 200 friendly bucket list suggestions. Who says everything on your list needs to be extraordinary? Things you'd like to achieve on your list can be small and easily attainable too! You make the rules! Live in the context of infinite possibilities. Take some time for yourself to complete this Classy Babes DIY guide. Have a clear heart and open up your mind. Find yourself in a happy and meditative state. Go to your special place and get ready to start manifesting your life changing bucket list. Now.
Join the Classy Babes DIY Social Network:
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The Origins of Girls Night

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Girls Night

Having attended an all girl catholic school for the majority of my high school career (sending love to Loretto)  I had always been raised with a strong sense of unity, independence and self expression. As women, it is important that we hold each other up -- there are plenty of people to put us down and we should encourage and support each other. Replace jealousy with admiration and rivalry with motivation. When I had first moved to Los Angeles, CA I did not have many local girlfriends. It was not until I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) until I really began to establish my core group of best friends.

Fast-forward 6 years: When I first met my dude it was agreed upon that every Monday night he had poker with his boys from 7:30pm until about midnight (depending on how good his hands ended up being.) It wasn't until about a year later that I realized that instead of curling up on those nights with a tub of rocky road ice cream on the couch watching abc's Once Upon a Time, that instead perhaps it would be better to maximize my social time. One of the most important lessons I have learned from dating is that having a guy in your life DOES NOT mean less time with your girlfriends.

You know that you have met a keeper when you've fulfilled the lyrics of Spice Girls "Wannabe"

It first started out with one friend. Than become two. Has now progressed to an average of 8 or more. The newest element has been enabling a weeknight playdate for our crazy monkeys who are typically occupied by Netflix, light sabers and bowls of spaghetti. I am anxious to see how their friendships grow, evolve and blossom from this quality bonding time.

Girls Night has now become a weekly/bi-weekly tradition in my home. My girlfriends will always have a safe and welcoming place to indulge in a wicked meal, stiff fruity drinks, sugar filled desserts and most importantly - great company to share it with every Monday night.

As girls night continues to grow larger each time around, my appreciation for my friends becomes deeper and stronger. (Costco has also surely appreciated my spike in business.)

I would like to encourage you to start a Girls Night in your home. It starts by just inviting one friend, more will follow.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cross the t's & dot the i's: Self Publishing

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Self Publishing
Self publishing has been quite the adventure. I am fortunate enough to have a father who had just recently released his book Dantes Inferno to help walk me thru the process.
I would be honored to help be your personal guide with the below 10 Step Guide:
  1. You may think it is just a silly story, but your story can change someone's life. A good friend of mine has a very romantic idea to write the love story of her and her husband. May I kindly remind you that the movie The Notebook had to come from somewhere?! I think this is a fabulous idea and how inspiring for other in love couples to do the same.
  3. There are several self-publishing options, pick one that best fits the needs of your story. For example, Bucket List: Inspirational DIY Guide for Classy Babes is offered on Kindle eBook - however I was a little saddened by the inability to manipulate the typography, position pictures the way id like them nor the capability to physically type directly onto the page. (although I do see this being a possibility in the future) Learn about your limitations on each platform before you dive in to deep and are disappointed to find out the preferences you have are not options.
  5. Explore the possibilities of eBooks, paperback, hardback, audio books, podcasts and apps. There are so many ways to publish your story, see which one best fits your needs.
  7. Download a template as your base. It will save you hours of headache and heartache. Sites like CreateSpace offer services that will make your writing process a breeze.
  9. Write out your story. Now you have your word doc set up. A blank canvas staring you in the face. Whether it is a love story, fiction, biography, thriller or novel you are in charge and the world is ready for your end product.
  11. Take a break. This will take time. Not all great stories were written in one day. You've now been buried in the computer for 5 hours... time to pull yourself away from it, regain a fresh perspective, go for a walk or run a few errands and come back to your story.
  13. Design your cover. Some self publishing sites offer services to customize your cover on your own. There are thousands of graphic designers & photographers who would be elated to design something even more fabulous for you though if you have a budget to work with. (it doesn't have to be much) There are service marketplaces like Fiverr that have great artists ready and willing to design for you starting at the cost of $5. Check it out!
  15. I can not stress enough the importance of ordering a hardcopy tangible PROOF vs. just the PDF. This way you can physically see what your friends and customers will literally be purchasing.
  17. You are now ready to share it with the world! But wait. Not yet. Have it proof read. MANY times before doing so. It is better safe to be sorry.
  19. Publish your story. Make a difference in someone's life.
My closing piece of advice is that it doesn't hurt to have just ONE MORE set of eyes on your book, even if you have already had your mother in law, best friend, a paid proof reader and your husband read it. I speak from personal experience. Earlier today a friend found the tiniest missing word from a paragraph. Although it would not have been the end of the world if my book was published with a minor flaw, I want to offer you the most ideal and perfect DIY guide possible so I am so grateful that she caught it in the knick of time!

Speaking of which, my final paperback proof for Bucket List: Inspirational DIY Guide for Classy Babes has arrived. I am anxious to cross the last t's and dot the last i's before it hits the printers.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Enrichment Courses: Bobology Review

My Classy Babes DIY focus today is : Enrichment Courses

I had received a catalog from GCC - Glendale Community College regarding their community education courses earlier this Spring. I was skeptical at first as I had never really taken an enrichment class. I did had done over 100 units for credit at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) or at local community colleges, but I had never taken a class just for pure pleasure. I flipped through the catalog indifferently not thinking that I would find anything of interest and I was happily surprised at the plethora of course offerings that they had. Some that had sparked my interest initially included classes on How to Make Sushi 101, Adventures in Watercolor, Conversational French, Ballroom Dancing & How to Play Golf. I continued to peruse the catalog and stopped on a section called Professional Development & Workforce training. This section was for classes that not only were for enrichment, but additionally offered a Certification in Internet Marketing accredited from GCC. I was sold.

Now with five of professor Cohen's courses under my belt I feel more than equipped to take on the complicated world of social media. As a professional graphic designer & content creator, I have managed over a dozen small business' and personal project social media campaigns. I felt savvy in social media, or so I thought I did, until after each course was over I was spinning with information and ideas of how to execute beyond optimal social media campaigns for myself and my clients.

About Bob: Bob Cohen is an experienced technology professional who specializes in training people how to use technology. With an approach that makes technology easier to understand, he teaches over 200 classes at Adult and Continuing Education programs throughout Southern California.

Bob's website is called Bobology (http://www.bobology.com/)
Not to be confused with Sam Villa's BOBology on YouTube, unless you want to know how to give a wicked modern bob haircut.

The classes I completed thus far include:

  • Social Networking for Beginners
  • Blogging for Fun & Profit
  • Secrets of Internet Marketing
  • Facebook & Social Media Marketing
  • The New Moonlighting

I would highly recommend if you live in the Greater Los Angeles area that you tap into Bob's classes. Whether you are a small business, trying to blossom a great new idea or trying to promote yourself using social media channels - I assure you that you will walk out of Bob Cohen's classes with a brand new perspective on your approach and get home ready to hit the ground running with an on pour of new ideas and insiders knowledge.

To sign up - check out Bob's Training Calendar -- some other courses you may find of interest include:  iPhones, iPads and I'm Lost Pasadena City College, WordPress Basics for Beginners Ayres Hotel Seal Beach, How to Start Your own App Business Pasadena City College

Thanks Bob.

Even if you don't live in LA or perhaps social media just isn't your thing, I would like to encourage you to investigate your local enrichment class programs. Find something that excites you! Do something for yourself today.

“Tea is a religion of the art of life”

“Tea is a religion of the art of life” - Kakuzo Okakura

We all have moments where we get so caught up in our day-to-day, that we miss out on the most important yet simple opportunities that are standing right in front of us. My most grimly missed opportunity was realizing the day after my mother died, that I had not bothered to just... ask.

•What was her favorite childhood memory?
•How did she fall in love with my father?
•What was like to give birth to me?
•Where would she have travelled next?
•What was her greatest fear?
•What was her final bucket list?

Although I will never hear these answers from her lips, I find comfort in knowing that I can live out her bucket list as I imagine she might have written it. I wish for you, that you have every question answered, and that your loved ones stories are filled with laughter, tears of joy and enlightenment. My children, family and friends will know my bucket list, so that before I pass they will have a concrete map as to how they can help me live out the rest of my goals.

Take time to set up a tea date with all those you love. Slow down. Relax. Sit, sip and enjoy. Map out your hopes and dreams. Figure out how to make them happen. Now.

Available on Amazon.com

Book Description:
This is YOUR Bucket List. Here you will find over 200 friendly bucket list suggestions. Who says everything on your list needs to be extraordinary? Things you’d like to achieve on your list can be small and easily attainable too! You make the rules! Take some time for yourself to complete this Classy Babes DIY guide. Live in the context of infinite possibilities. Have a clear heart and open up your mind. Find yourself in a happy and meditative state. Go to your special place and get ready to start manifesting your life changing bucket list. Now.